Tradition and quality

We at West Star Produce supply South Florida with the most exotic produce you can possibly think of
It is our greatest priority to be a trustworthy brand of fresh produce each and every customer can come back to every year & season!


Fresh fruits and vegetables all year

We are not a seasonal business, we are here for you year round! We make it a priority to not only bring you the freshest of produce, but do it at a rate which will keep each and every customer satisfied and coming back for more.

We provide only natural quality

West Star Produce is all natural only. Our products are fresh and not modified in any way, shape, or form.

Trustworthy brand

Your trust in our products is all we need.

Highest quality

We make it a key point to only deliver high quality produce to shelves year round. We understand the importance and health benefits of fresh produce and maintain the natural state of every fruit and vegetable produced.

Dependable Brand

We stand and live by the West Star Produce name and make it our mission every day to be a brand that you as well can stand behind. We plan to bring South Florida All Natural, fresh, flavorful produce for many years to come.

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